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Munasara Magazine

Munasara Magazine is a culmination and consolidation of years of documenting and analyzing human rights issues in Muwatin

Since its establishment as an independent media organization, Muwatin has relied on various pillars to fulfill its journalistic mission, with human rights issues being one of the most important. With this in mind, Muwatin decided to launch its new project, Munasara Magazine, with the first issue’s theme focusing on one of the most crucial issues for women in the Arab world: the right to pass their nationality on to their spouses and children on an equal basis with men.

Through this “Munasara” first edition, which was contributed to by many journalists, writers, human rights activists, and affected individuals in partnership with the Global Campaign for Equal Nationality Rights, we hope to contribute, even if only by a drop, to the sea of efforts being made on this issue.

 Gender equality is more than just a goal in and of itself; it is a prerequisite for building good governance and a just citizenship. It is also essential to reducing poverty and obstacles to education, healthcare, and freedom of movement, among many other hardships faced by individuals suffering as a result of gender discrimination in nationality laws, including difficulties in obtaining birth certificates, identity and travel documents  – and the fundamental right to nationality itself!