Muwatin Centre for Studies is a centre specialised in citizenship studies part of Muwatin media network in London concerned with expanding discussions tackling citizenship issues, outside the government monopoly and formal educational and cultural curricula. That is through the publication of studies and research on the concept of citizenship in its various political, social, economic and cultural dimensions.

What are citizenship studies?

It is an interdisciplinary and cross-cutting field of study that seeks to theorize different concepts such as: gender identity, political participation, human rights, constitutional life, coexistence, state geography and other concepts.

Why citizenship?

We choose citizenship because it is a device to express our will, our relationship with people, the land and our cultural affiliations.

The concept of citizenship deserves to be studied, analysed and reviewed. There are inherent contradictions in citizenship practices and application. On the one hand, citizenship is portrayed as a social phenomenon that has been developed and expanded throughout history by human civilisations along the lines of a linear development, which began with citizenship being confined to a particular group of society until it was extended to a larger group of society. On the other hand, what we see today is that the foundations and practices of citizenship are being narrowed down by the governing authorities, on the basis of nationality, race, religion, class, sex, political and other affiliations. 

For example: the globalisation system is expected to be a way to unite human beings and eliminate political boundaries between states. However, what has actually happened is the militarisation of international borders and the limitation of migration flows in order to facilitate capital movements.

Our vision

Towards knowledge production capable of interacting with the social and political realities of society and expressing its will and aspirations free from elitist and anti-emancipation interests.

Our message

Full citizenship is gained only through our awareness and understanding of it. What we need is to dig further into our reality and history through knowledge critique.

Our goals

General values and principles

Muwatin centre for studies believes that human beings and society are the main focus of any scientific discourse. Knowledge criticism is our approach for society advancements and building awareness. Studies and research are designed to serve people, not elite and commercial interests.

Publication Criteria

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