Join us in supporting the independent press the Arab World needs

Join us in supporting the independent press
the Arab World needs

At a time when Gulf regimes provide generous support to the pro-government press inside and outside the Arab Gulf countries, to promote their carefully painted image as regimes and peoples without any real problems, Muwatin swims against the current, and seeks to create a new free Gulf journalism experience, committed to objectivity and biased to the values of citizenship and human rights. Because our goal is to create a special and useful experience, we try not to publish for publishing and crowding; Rather, we publish in order to fill a gap that we believe exists to the extent of our possibilities.

Despite the enormous difficulties we face, Muwatin seeks to present the silent image within the Gulf in particular, and the MENA region in general, through the production of stories and in-depth investigations, in which we take into account the accuracy and reliability of the sources and the depth of analysis of the composite image of the issues we write about.

Muwatin also provides a platform for all voices and opinions in the Gulf and the Arab country to communicate their message through op-ed articles. It is the first condition of democracy, and the gateway to the realization of genuine citizenship of the Gulf and Arab people, even if opinion touches on religious sacred. We believe that democracy cannot be achieved without a religiously tolerant environment; Who accepts you religiously and doctrinally; It’s a fortiori to accept you politically.

Every journalistic work faces many obstacles while being independent. As a team and management we always strive to address these obstacles and work as hard as we can to deliver our work professionally. However, logistical barriers stand in the way of our continuation and development in presenting and producing what matters and reflects the situation of people in the Gulf and the Arab countries.

Muwatin needs to continue to fulfill its role and message that we have consented to ourselves, so we need your support to continue.

Support the alternative press, help us keep going.

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