At Muwatin, we believe in community participation and in the philosophy of Open Source Society. We also believe in sharing the knowledge, information, and space available for publication or training. In our belief in this role, we declare the opening of permanent training and participation in all aspects of our digital journalism.

All training programs are undergone through Muwatin Center for Freedom of Press.

Submission dates

Applications for traineeships are open throughout the year. The duration lasts three months after which the trainee will receive a certificate of completion from Muwatin Media Network.

Available training opportunities

– Journalistic stories: If you are interested in journalism and your Arabic language is intact, and you are looking for a training opportunity in writing a story, you can train with us.

Writing content: If you are interested in creating audio and visual content, you have creative imagination, and you seek to learn the basics of online content creation, you can train with us.

Content management: If you are interested in learning the basics of content management in social media platforms, working in a team, and wanting to develop your skills through training, you can train with us.

Human rights work: If you believe in human rights, the role of journalism in expressing citizens’ troubles and concerns, and you want to learn about monitoring mechanisms to measure press freedom in a country, you can train with us.

Submitting your application

If you are interested in any of the available training positions, please send your CV to the following email: