Writing guidelines

Muwatin Media Network is an independent media organisation founded in London, UK. It was established on the 6th of June 2013. Muwatin monitors and documents societal events and is concerned with citizenship issues in the Gulf and Arab world.


Welcomed materials

  • Topics concerned with general issues and affairs surrounding the Gulf and Arab world.
  • Materials that enhance the value of freedom, democracy and citizenship.
  • Materials on social, philosophical, political and religious themes that add to the Arab culture.


General guidelines

  • Work must be of clarity and is well-structured.
  • Each paragraph must not exceed 150 words if possible.
  • All works must be accurately referenced, and sources of information must be included in the text through hyperlinks.
  • Work must not have been previously published, widely circulated or is being under consideration at other publications.
  • Avoid using stereotypical language and/or uncommon expressions.
  • Material should be divided into paragraphs, making it easy to view and read.
  • Material should consider writing structure (introduction – body – conclusion).
  • Material is divided into three or four subheadings where possible.
  • Written work must be as analytical as possible, free from any absolute judgements, and adheres to the rules of objectivity.
  • If the work contains any images, these must be sent separately with an explanation of their position, description of each image, and confirmation of their availability in terms of property rights, by adding the source that authorised their publication or adding their license if they are under the “Creative Commons License”.
  • For ‘Stories’: we welcome investigative reports, news stories and reports that capture social, cultural and political issues. Material must not be below 800 words.
  • For ‘Opinions’: material must be between 800-1200 words.


Procedural guidelines:

  • Writers will be contacted within two weeks of receiving the work, with an approval, rejection, or modification request.
  • Work will only be modified for linguistic or writing errors.
  • Editorial team has the right to amend the title if needed for the editorial policy, without distorting the content of the article.
  • Muwatin is not obligated to pay the writer for the publication of the work unless there is a prior agreement of payment.
  • Material sent is owned by the writer if the writer has not been paid for it and can re-publish it at other publications one month after it is published at Muwatin.
  • In the case of a paid publication, the material/article is the property of Muwatin which has the right to use it in any way in the future while preserving the writer’s literary right, and the writer has no right to publish it on any other platform.


 General tips and advice

  • Avoid generalisations and including everything in one article.
  • Shorter sentences are more refined and capable of conveying the idea to the readers.
  • Do not overlook punctuation marks that organize ideas: ;,!?.
  • Do not use Wikipedia as a reference, and do not recycle other people’s articles.
  • Rebel and break out of the norm, as new ideas contain excitement and attract readers.
  • If you would like to woo a government or its opposition, this is not the right platform. State and opposition sites and newspapers are widely available.


Contact details

  • Contributions should be sent to the following email: contact_en@muwatin.net
  • If a writer has not previously written for Muwatin, please attach the following: a photo, brief biography of the writer and their Facebook/Twitter account if available.